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AMAN CHAUPAL for Aaghaz-e-Dosti

To most of us, who desire and support Indo-Pak friendship or realise the power of peace, friendship between the two nations matter. If it doesn't matter, it should because 65 years of hatred has given us nothing to boast about. Hatred has robbed our economy, robbed our hearts of love and humanity and has meant loss of innocent lives on both sides.


It is time to realise the power and more importantly, the need for peace. But peace not just to save our ever-depleting economies but to realise the simple truth that the barbed wires could not stop people from sharing. We share a history, culture, language, our values. We share the desire for a peaceful and prosperous life and sadly, we also share the misconception that there is hatred on the other side of the border. We share mistrust and suspicion.


Through Aaghaz-e-Dosti, we support, collaborate and organize initiatives to enhance people to people communication to disrupt these flows of misconceptions.


Now, when we talk about communication, we love stories and experiences. As our traditional way of views sharing, we know about ‘Chaupal’ where people assemble to share views. We are going to revive this in the form of Aman Chaupal. In this chaupal, one of those fortunate ones who have been to the other side of the border will share his/her "discovery". The session will be informal and friendly. It will not be a mere experience sharing session. It is designed to be thought-provoking. It will generate as well as accommodate curiosity. The guests of Aman Chaupal will be either a Pakistani or an Indian who may have travelled to India. They will be from diverse backgrounds - media, sports, artists, writers, poets, activists, bureaucrats or any common person.


Through Aman Chaupal, we hope to not just strengthen Indo-Pak friendship but to make people realise the power and importance of peace.