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Launching of Campaign for Peace-city Sadikabad

(February 19, 2007 - Sadikabad)

No education system is complete without some form of component similar to peace education. It may take such forms as moral, value or citizenship, democratic or global education. The differentiating feature of peace education is the focus it has on the problem of human violence. In short, peace education can be defined as an educational response to the problem of human violence. It has the following basic features: It aims at protecting children’s minds from being imbued by violence in the society. It prepares them for building a peaceful world by empowering them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills. It humanizes the child, teaching and learning, and school.


Recognizing the role that education has to play in building defenses of peace in the minds of young people and the inter relationship between peace and sustainable development as critical to achieving the objectives of social cohesion and living together and to move away from a culture of war and violence in a world be set with strife to a culture of peace and non violence, Centre for Youth Development & Activities: CYDA (an NGO) in association with The New Horizons Public School initiated a ‘CAMPIAGN FOR PEACE-CITY SADIKABAD’. “Peace Clubs’ are formed in major educational institutions of Sadikabad, in which many Principals and teachers incharge of respective Schools and Colleges are dedicating their time and resources  to the task of making these clubs vibrant and result oriented.


A program was organized in which launching of Campaign for Peace-city Sadikabad took place at The New Horizons Public School, Canal Bank, Sadikabad. District Education Officer and District Officer Social Welfare Board graced the occasion.


Mr. G. Yasin Baluch, District Officer Social Welfare Board said: “I really appreciate the efforts being done by the youngsters of CYDA(Pakistan). It will be a milestone that by launching peace clubs in educational institutions of the city will be a great change in the environment of the society, where violence in the society and relationships between youngsters will be effectively controlled. It is really the need of the hour, so keep it up.” Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Siddiqui, District Education Officer also appreciated the efforts.


After the launch of NHPS Peace Club, a step further will be taken to launch more than 50 peace clubs in the educational institutions of the city promoting the gesture of peace, non-violence, tolerance, brotherhood and forgiveness.

Daily Express, RYK