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2nd Indo-Pak Discussion Forum

(November 28-30, 2008 - Sadikabad)





Pritam and Kundan Rohila of the Association for Communal Harmony in Asia (ACHA) had been invited by Centre for Youth Development & Activities (CYDA) – an organization in Sadikabad for a 3-day visit.


Originally from India, but now settled in Portland, Oregon, the pair along with other South Asians friends in the US startedDr. Pritam Rohila while addressing the audience their organization to provide a body that promotes people-to-people contact and relations in South Asian countries rather than forming a traditional pressure group. Both Pritam and Kundan have seen the worst of communal riots and the miseries of the common man during the time of the Indo-Pak partition.


Pritam explains that if the leaders of both the sides are on good terms, the people will follow suit. “You see we have been used by foreign elements too. We should never have let them exploit us. Now the present generations are suffering because of all that happened 60 years ago.”


These views were expressed by the guests who have been working on Peace and Harmony for over 30 years in US for South Asia during their visit in FFC Grammar Higher Secondary School at Fauji Fertilizer Co. Ltd., Goth Machhi, and MTB Higher Secondary School, Sadikabad to boost up CYDA’s ongoing “Campaign for Peace-city Sadikabad”.


Mr. Mohd. Muzamil Ch. (Principal, FFCGHSS) shared his experiences while he was living in Dubai for a couple of years with his Hindu and Sikh friends and never had any conflict due to religion, cast, or country. He asked the audience students to spread the message of Peace within their own families and carry on the work at large as the youth of the country needs to be responsible so that our upcoming generation does not see the carnages and wars any more within the two countries. He further added that “Nobody wants war, even a common man wants to live in peace.”


The pair was overjoyed with their laughter’s when they met chilli milli, RJ Saba at Radio Awaz FM 105 for a live interview.Group photo with FFCGHSS Team


During MTB School visit, Mr. M.D. Johar (Principal) received them with a warm welcome with his crew. After taking lunch, all the people were involved with each other like they are living in a family.


ACHA Peace Star Award is an annual award of the aforesaid association which is given to the selected individuals who had been actively working for the cause of Peace & Harmony in Asia. For this purpose, an evening Award Ceremony was organized in which the 2008 ACHA Peace Star Award was presented to Mr. Mubashir Ahmed Mirza (President, CYDA-Sadikabad) in recognition of his work.


The awardee, MirzaPrincipal MTB School while addressing the audience, said “The peace and non-violence message needs to be spread to everyone and we should work together for inner as well as outer peace and harmony. We, youth, can bring a major change in the mind setups and can work for a better Pakistan and the world, at large.”


CYDA had been involved in many ways with youth. Its major campaign in Sadikabad was initiated in 2007 i.e. Campaign for “Peace-city Sadikabad” in which peace clubs are introduced in schools working for peace and non-violence activities with students and teachers. It has been working on Peace issues as it had been organizing Annual Indo-Pak Student Peace Camps in India and Pakistan, both since 2006. Recently, on Sep 28 – Oct 02 2008, it organized its 3rd Indo-Pak Students Peace Camp in India (Chandigarh) after selecting students from allover Pakistan. Its upcoming such camps in 2009 will be organized in Pune, Sadikabad, Delhi, and Chandigarh.