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We are dedicated to equipping young people with skills essential to building sensitivity and responsibility towards the society we live in, and developing then into positive change makers of the future.


We realize that for improvement in a man’s condition, every dimension of social life must be improved. We do it in our own small way. By combining discussion with action with the aim of a more desirable future built on contribution for the youth.


We basically are focusing on:


I -         Agahi (Awareness)


Today, it is compulsory to be aware from the present conditions in a country and plan for the future accordingly. To learn all alone, a man is in the need to understand his surrounding and he has to comprehend these surroundings in the national and international content too.


II -        Aman (Peace)


The goal of world peace has yet to be achieved. Indeed, violence within neighborhood, communities, cities, and countries has intensified. Nonetheless, the majority of the global community continues to erect mechanisms in order to attain this ideal state. It is not until there is global commitment to peace that it can be achieved.


III -       Saqafat (Culture)


Though today one culture is imposed gradually in the entire world as it contains culture of two types: a) of Produces includes workers, artisans, farmers; b) of Non-producers including capitalists mainly. All current facilities and utilities are due to producers’ class. By these creators, the culture of peace and truth is projected. International capitalists’ culture is removing ours which is based on local roots. Youth have to protect this culture for retaining their identity. We are in the favor of a culture which is based on peace, truth and fight against injustice.


IV -      Taleem (Education)


The concept of education has long been a contentious issue. While some view education as a platform from which to advocate the preservation of a given society’s basic values, others place higher emphasis on such virtues as intellectual growth and self-enlightenment. Moreover, education is considered a basic human right and when it is granted, it provides growth and development in areas such as health, nutrition, an income and fertility rates.


V -       Mahauliaat (Environment)


The state of the environment at the outset of the twenty-first century is no more promising now than it was a decade ago. The proliferation of private enterprise and neoliberal practices, combined with rapid integration of global processes, have reduced the potential impact of international accords and protocols on the environment and sustainable development to meager symbols of complacency and indifference. Major environmental issues have become muddled in international bargaining processes, with hardly any direct focus or financial resources devoted to their alleviation. We must remember that the costs of acting are bearable. The risks of not acting now are unbearable.